Stained glass, fused glass and greetings cards - all handmade in Sunny West Cork, Ireland
Custom-made designs my speciality - repairs are my pleasure!
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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

I Talk to the trees

You can learn a lot from trees…..

A tree lives life at a slower pace than we do - respecting the slow change of the seasons, rather than the hectic, artificial pace that we have invented and now rules our lives.

A tree is humble - even the mightiest tree expects no praise for what it does

A tree develops slowly, steadily, without fuss, ever upwards

A tree is flexible - it knows that sometimes it’s better to sway in the wind, rather than sticking rigidly to a particular position

A tree isn’t selfish, it welcomes a whole community of birds, animals and insects - expecting nothing in return.

A tree achieves a balance - even though it reaches for the sky it maintains its roots securely in Mother Earth

Trees look after us - they shelter us from the summer sun and the winter showers and, at the end of its life, a tree gladly surrenders its timber to keep us warm

You can learn a lot from trees……