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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

A late present

I got you this present, it’s nothing much - just a little token, you know - sorry it’s a bit late…...

It’s a New Year…..

I know that you had one about 12 months ago - but it was getting a bit tired and tatty round the edges, a bit frayed and stained, - so I thought you’d like a new one…

What does it do ?

It’s a bit like a Painting-by-numbers kit - except that there’s no outline and no numbers

It’s sort of up to you - it’s whatever you make it.

I wouldn’t want to influence you - but when you’re colouring in your New Year you could always use a bit of red, it’s very good for grounding, and keeping you from getting too floaty

Light blue’s always good - it’s the colour of communication and healing -  and we didn’t see too much of that in some parts of last year.

A little bit of pink would be welcome - we can all use a bit of unconditional love now and then…

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget the lilac - because that connects us with spirit.

In fact - why don’t you use all the colours ?

There’s no rush…… you’ve got more than three hundred and fifty days to colour in your New Year - but this year, why not make it bright and cheerful, full of light and love, and we’ll see if we can make it shine enough to reach into those corners that stayed dark in the last year.

Enjoy your New Year  - make it a good one !