Stained glass, fused glass and greetings cards - all handmade in Sunny West Cork, Ireland
Custom-made designs my speciality - repairs are my pleasure!
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About Inspired-glass

I have always been fascinated by stained glass - and, as a child, spent many happy hours standing in old Cornish churches gazing at stained-glass windows.

Several decades later, after moving to a small village in East Suffolk and suddenly finding that I had a little more time on my hands, I took up an interest in practical stained glass.
I was taught the basics by Elizabeth & Sam at Bournemouth Stained Glass - and went on to develop my own style over a period of several years. Since 2005 I've also been working with warm-glass (handmade glass worked in a kiln) to produce a great range of fused glass pendants, brooches, dishes, suncatchers etc. My thanks to Freddie at Tempsford Stained Glass for his invaluable training.

So why 'Inspired-Glass' ?

You could argue that all 'art' is inspired - and I'd be the first to agree with you. My first pieces of stained glass were 'copies' of published designs - excellent for practicing and developing skills - but ultimately a little frustrating - a bit like 'painting by numbers'.
The name 'Inspired' is certainly not intended in any self-congratulatory sense....

In 2002 I  became involved with Spiritualism, including spiritual healing and mediumship - largely through the Cedars Spiritualist Church in Ipswich.

It was as I was driving home after attending a 'healing with colour' module in the NFSH Healing course that I was suddenly 'shown' a design for a simple glass suncatcher incorporating the seven 'healing' colours - the colours of the major chakras.

The next day I set to and created one of these suncatchers - and have made many more of them since. They are nicely 'dual-purpose' - in that they are not only significant to those involved in the spiritual side of things - but also a nice decorative item in their own right. Even if you are not fully tuned in to the significance of the chakra colours, healers would argue that there's a good chance that you can derive some benefit from simply hanging one of these little suncatchers in your window.

I thought little more of the 'Inspired' side of things for a while - until a medium told me that one of my spiritual guides used to be a stained-glass worker in France in the late 19th Century. I have become more aware of this guide's presence as my own spiritual development has progressed - and now he is often with me as we create new designs together. This is particularly the case with the abstract suncatchers and the tealights - which are created from smaller 'offcuts' of glass and the designs are often unrecognisable until they are actually completed.

From time to time my guide not only inspires me to create a particular piece - but also tells me to give the finished item to a specific person.
Who knows - you might be the lucky recipient of one of these 'gifts from spirit'......

So - that's the story behind Inspired-Glass. I hope that you enjoy browsing the design gallery - and maybe even feel moved to order a piece from me. If you do, I am sure that you will enjoy that 'magic' that comes from the play of light through carefully-selected and crafted stained glass - and that you may benefit from the light, the colours and the beauty.

While working with the Cedars in Ipswich, I became a Committee Member, and chaired many Spiritualist Services. On Sundays, there was always a reading - something suitably ‘inspiring’. When it was my turn to chair a service and a reading was required - Spirit were always very obliging <grin> - and provided me with some “inspired words”.
I’ve been told to publish them as part of this website for you all to enjoy - and who am I to argue.
Inspired-writing here

Adrian - Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland