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The Inspired-glass Glass gallery

This Gallery will give you an idea of the range of items we design and  produce.
Items from our ‘standard’ range can be purchased from the website - and we welcome your enquires about ‘bespoke’ items. Everything here is hand-made by us - unlike some so-called  ‘Irish craft shops’ we don’t sell cheap, imported stained glass or mass-produced ‘handmade’ cards. So there ! <grin>

Please take a look at our gallery of recent work - which is updated regularly.

Prices for smaller items include postage (via An Post, within Ireland).
If you would prefer courier delivery, or postage overseas, please contact us.
Courier delivery (guaranteed next working day) within Ireland typically costs an extra €10.

Decorative fused and stained glass

We firmly believe that every home needs at least one angel....

We are often asked ‘Do you believe in angels..?’ - and our answer is always the same :- There are so many Bad Things in this world that there must be some Good Things to balance them out - and if people like to imagine those Good Things as angels then why not?

We have three styles of stained/fused glass angels....

Small angels

A delightfully simple suncatcher design that has ‘evolved’ over the last ten years or so. Each handmade angel is slightly different, they tend to have clear, irridescent wings, and wispy coloured bodies - but have also been spotted with wispy white wings and/or solid coloured-bodies. Please specify your colour preference when ordering - or leave it up to us and we’ll pick one for you.
Size 4” x 4.5” (10 x 12cm) - price €26 online shop

Large Angels

A more elaborate design, that makes a real impact when hung in a sunny window. Recently I’ve been making these from a very ‘ethereal’ wispy glass in either white, pale blue or brown-gold, all with irridescent / clear textured wings - but all things are possible - so please ask if you require a different colour scheme for your angel.

She can carry a variety of coloured glass shapes (butterfly, fish, heart, flower, nugget), a selection of sparkly coloured crystal beads or even a Swarovski crystal! Angels can be facing left or facing right - or even one of each to make a pair. Size 11” x 6.5” (28cm x 17cm) -  €80 each.

Contact us to discuss exactly what you’d like before ordering...
These angels look particularly beautiful when built into a larger panel - great for doors, windows etc. (some examples further down this page).


A general term for anything that you hang up in a window and the suns shines through it.
Many of our suncatchers end up with the seven ‘chakra’ colours in them somewhere - we believe that colour had a profound effect in our lives and general wellbeing - and we hope that these suncatchers can help to lift your spirits.
'Diamond' chakra -
7” (19cm) long   €26
online shop
'Sunstar' chakra -
7” (19cm) diameter   €26
online shop
'Bar' chakra -
7” (19cm) long   €26
online shop

Fused-glass chakra suncatchers

Kiln-fused at temperatures up to 800c in a process that take seven hours from start to finish - includes the rainbow or chakra colours, and makes a stunning decorative piece that can also be helpful in healing or meditation.

Larger panels

These tend to be made to order - but we usually have one or two ready-made examples available. These offer a convenient alternative to a permanently-installed panel. We can, of course, create a panel to suit your design / colour scheme / whatever - please contact us to enquire.

“The Gift of Love”
- one of my large angels in shades of amber & gold with wispy pink and white wings, carrying a turquoise-blue heart. She is set in a colourful surround of red, green. blue and gold  ‘hammered’ glass. All in a ‘pewter’ timber frame, ready to display.
Size - 18” x 12” (46 x 31cm) - SOLD - although I’m happy to create a similar piece for you
- please contact us to discuss - guide price  €160 - depending on glass selected)

“Celtic Chakra” Panel
- Celtic-influenced geometric design with fused-glass nuggets and pale green ‘hammered’-effect glass border. Finished in black patina
Size - 15” x 12” (73 x 31cm) - approx  €120 - €140 - SOLD - although I’m happy to create a similar piece for you - please contact us to discuss

Cedars panel - my very first ‘commission’ piece - one of a series of small panels designed to fit into the panes of an old timber ‘sash’ window. Once installed, the panel and its partners face South, and in the sunlight they throw beautiful pools of colour onto the floor in the Church Healing Room. Chakra colours and square ‘prism’ corner and centre pieces - look at the beautiful deep blue - lovely!
Size 8” x 12” - Price - priceless !
The Gift of Love
Celtic Chakra Panel
"Cedars" panel

Bespoke doors & windows in stained glass

We can design door / window panels in stained glass to suit your colour scheme, location and fancy. Prices start from around €400 for a standard-sized 2-panel wooden door, or €700 for a four-panel door - and depend very much on the complexity of your design and the type of glass you want to use. At the Studio we have samples of more than 400 different types and colours of glass - and we can match your windows to your existing colour scheme.

For use with external doors / windows we can supply stand-alone framed panels which can be fitted to the inside of existing windows.

We can use our specialised computer program to design your panels, and show the effect of different types of glass before we agree the final design.

Please take a look at some examples of our recent work, read our section on 'commissioning a stained-glass window',  and then contact us for more information.

Stained-glass lamps

These lamps make stunning feature in any room. Each lamp is an unique design, inspired by a handful of glass nuggets, a piece of natural agate slab, or the 'grain' in a sheet of glass.

The lamps are mounted on a base hand-carved from sustainable Irish hardwood, and fitted with a low-energy compact fluorescent lamp and switched mains lead.

We always have a selection of lamps in stock - or commissioned lamps can be made to coordinate with your own colour scheme or design preferences.

Lamps are also available with a hand-etched logo design - great for prizes, gifts, birthdays, weddings etc.

Lamp measure 10cm wide and about 25 - 30 cm tall.
Prices from  €99 - please contact us for more information and to discuss a commission or order..
- also available to order online


A recent development, based on the Small stained-glass angel - these delightful fused-glass mini-angels look great on a Christmas Tree, or, year-round, in a sunny window. A lovely way of sending an inexpensive to somebody you love!

Clear wings, a wire halo and a coloured body - delightfully simple!
She can carry a variety of coloured glass shapes (butterfly, fish, heart, flower, nugget), a selection of sparkly coloured crystal beads or even a Swarovski crystal! Angels can be facing left or facing right - or even one of each to make a pair. Size 2 1/4" tall -  €12.50 each - order yours in our online shop.