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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

People who wind us up

Lord - help me to love those people who do their best to hurt me.

All of life is a balance - between light and dark, positive and negative, between those things that help you progress and those things that hold you back.

This is nothing new - it has always been this way - and always will be.

Some people entertain the concept of ‘evil’ - it is more constructive to think of ‘light’ and ‘less light’. You may think that some people you meet as you travel along your earthly pathway are dedicated only to causing you grief - almost as if they gain some perverse pleasure from it.

What is your reaction to these people ?

If, in return for their sniping, bickering, and tale-telling, you sink to their level and give them some of their own medicine, all you are doing is adding fuel to the flames - trying to extinguish a bonfire with a bucket full of petrol !

There is only so much positive energy in the universe - and it needs to be encouraged and nurtured like a tiny seed.
Every time you respond to another’s negativity with your own sharp put-down - the positive light in the universe becomes a tiny bit dimmer - like a single star, far away in the night sky, blinking out of existence.

Friends - you must realise that are privileged to know what you know - but with that privilege comes a responsibility. It is up to us to do everything we can to promote the positive  - and this includes being nice to people who try to wind us up!

Just as your pathway has been outlined for you, just as your purpose is defined - so is theirs. The reasons and motivation for their actions may be impossible for you to understand - but you know that nothing happens without a purpose - and maybe all of their annoying behaviour is simply there to help you grow and develop.

So - the next time that you feel like snapping back or hitting out at your tormentors - just remember what’s been said here.
They are already carrying around enough darkness for both of you, so, rather than adding to it - give them a ‘soft answer’, a calming hand on the shoulder, a friendly smile - and know that, somewhere in the universe, a little bright star of positivity remains alight - and, in that moment, there is one more tiny stepping-stone in the path that leads us towards ‘good’.

Bless you my friends.