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Custom-made designs my speciality - repairs are my pleasure!
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the Inspired-glass Gallery - Recent work

Here's some of our more recent projects..... if you’d like to talk to us about creating a beautiful piece of stained-glass, either for yourself or as a great gift - please contact us.

We can design door / window panels in stained glass to suit your colour scheme, location and fancy.
Prices start from around €450 for a standard-sized 2-panel wooden door, or €700 for a four-panel door - and depend very much on the complexity of your design and the type of glass you want to use.

Claire's Door

This timber front door looks out onto a delightful sunny courtyard in the far south-west corner of West Cork.

Previously, it had a rather dull piece of obscured glass - but now it boasts a free-form stained-glass panel, including different textures of cathedral and irridised glass, combined with polished natural agate slices, and with the addition of two tiny fused dichroic glass dragonflies.

As the door is left open all day throughout those long, hot, sunny West Cork summers (!!) - the panel is not only a window but also an ever-changing piece of artwork.


Price-guide from  €175

Church Window Repair

Although we spend most of our time creating new stained-glass work, from time to time we do get asked to undertake repairs to existing works.

This little West Cork window had come off second-best in an argument with a builder’s stepladder. (ouch!)

To repair the window using conventional techniques would have been very time-consuming and costly, as it would have involved extracting the fragile 100-year-old window from the stonework, dismantling it and completely rebuilding it.

However, using a combination of modern technology and a certain amount of low cunning we were able to make a cost- effective repair in next to no time.

It's a sad fact that it can often cost more to repair an existing stained-glass window than to create a brand new one - so, unless your broken window is of great historic or sentimental value, it may be worth replicating it in modern materials, rather than trying to repair it.

In this case, there was no direct replacement for the original glass, but we managed to locate some modern glass that was a reasonably accurate colour-match, and would pass a casual inspection.

The window is now stabilised, waterproof, and should survive the next hundred years - builders' stepladders permitting!

For more information about our repairs service - see here.

Pat’s boat

Pat is very keen on sailing, and has won many competitions in his timber-built Mermaid ‘Jill’.

Creating a new study in his house, he hit on a plan to recycle an existing 45cm diameter ‘porthole’ window, with a back-lit stained-glass panel depicting Jill.

The brief was to create as ‘realistic’ an image as possible, so working  from Pat’s photographs, and after a quick tutorial from Pat on sails and rigging <g>, we created this panel.

It includes rigging crafted from twisted wire, and detail on the hull is provided by careful use of applied brass rod - everything being treated with grey-black patina. The finishing touch was to etch Jill’s registration numbers on the mainsail and spinnaker.

Price-guide -  €225 -  €300

Joan’s Door-panel

Keeping with the nautical theme
- here’s a little (12” square) panel that was commissioned to fit a new hardwood door.

Given the limited amount of space available, we decided to go with a stylised approach, and the client was delighted!

The bright colours of the sailing ship and the various blues in the sky and the sea really stand out against the dark timber of the new door.

This is a good example of how the copper-foil 'Tiffany' technique allows great detail in a small panel. Trying to execute the same design using conventional 'leaded' construction would make the design look much more clumsy.

To avoid complications with double-glazing etc, we arranged for the external double-glazing unit to be fitted first, and then for the stained-glass panel to be fitted to the ‘indoors’ side of the door - achieving total security as well as a beautiful stained-glass panel.

Price-guide for this size of panel
-  €120 -  €180

Ed’s Window

Working from the client s sketch, we designed and created this
3ft x 3ft window for a property
near Skibbereen.

Unusually large unbroken areas of glass in a limited selection of colours lead to an uncluttered effect in the final window.

Price guide for this size of panel - 
€600 -  €800 depending on complexity of the design.

Original sketch
Computer pattern
Installed panel

Fiona & Padriag’s Fastnet Light panel

This bespoke panel was created to bring some light and colour into a window half-way up a flight of stairs in a house renovation in Dublin.

It measures 4ft x 3ft, and was designed to be attached to the existing, opening UPVC window.
Colour highlights in the design were chosen to co-ordinate with decoration and furnishings, and the panel was strengthened with built-in reinforcement to ensure that it continues to look good for years to come. As a finishing touch, tiny glass windows were applied to the lighthouse, and two copper-foiled seagulls were added to the design.

Price guide for this type of panel 
€600 -  €900
Computer pattern

Cupboard door panels

Brighten up your kitchen cabinets with a set of hand-made  stained-glass cupboard door panels!

Designs and colours can be tailored to your own requirements - fused glass sections and etched designs can also be incorporated.

Price-guide - from €120 per panel, - discounts for sets of panels.

John’s car

My friend Bill has a friend called John - who runs a motor museum in Kerry.
As a nice surprise Christmas present for John, I was asked to create a window-panel showing this 1933 Alfa Romeo.

The original photo, which was used as the basis for the panel design, came from a small ad in the motoring papers. The image was imported into our computer design package, and various combinations of glass type / colour / texture were tried, until a pleasing design resulted.

The final piece measured some 45 x 28cm, and featured textured mirror glass for the radiator, mirror glass for the windscreen, headlights and bumper and contoured solder for the wire wheels.

Price-guide - from €200+ - depending on size & complexity.
Original photo
Computer design
Finished panel

Karen’s windows

An elegant new house near Rosscarbery was the setting for this classical set of window panels.

The external front door already had a lemon-yellow ‘bevel’ design built into the double-glazed unit - so we continued the theme with plated bevels and two types of heavily-textured clear glass, with coloured accent sections chosen to match the floor-tiles. In keeping with the overall style, the lead-lines were treated with a chemical patina to darken them, and show off the glass.

Price guide - from  €550 for the set of six windows.

Olive’s Smith Chart

When Olive’s electrical engineering professor from UCC retired, she and her fellow students wanted to give him something a little bit different! A Smith Chart is a graphical device that’s used in electronic engineering - so (between us!) we designed a stained-glass Smith Chart.

It took one or two iterations to get the complex colour graduations just right, and the finished article (measuring 12” diameter)  was edged with a lead profile, and provided with hanging loops to accept cord. For extra sparkle, the lead-lines were waxed and buffed!

Olive liked it so much she ordered a second one for herself!

Price guide - from  €100

Bespoke doors, windows, panels, mirrors,
lamps and presentation pieces

We can design pretty much anything to suit your requirements and colour scheme.

Our computer-based design program lets us try out the effect of different styles and colours of glass - and we can develop a design with you via email (most of the items show above were designed ‘remotely’).

We can also arrange courier delivery of finished items - although larger pieces like door and window panels are best hand-delivered, and we can offer an installation service in and around County Cork.

If you want a piece for a particular event, please do leave sufficient time for us to design and create the item - we can get very busy with markets in the summer and Craft Fairs towards Christmas - and we don’t like to rush things!

Please contact us for more information or see our guide to commissioning a stained-glass window..

Custom-made panels for a glass-storage cabinet

We were asked to create a pair of glass panels for the doors in this cabinet.

Local furniture-maker Ian Camfield (028 31749) designed the glass-fronted cabinet to match the client's existing cupboard base.

The doors were made up from custom-fused panels, framed by an elegant 'Tiffany-style' design, executed in special lightly-rippled 'restoration' glass (for that authentic 'antique' look).

Detailed close-up of one of the fused-glass panels (approx 30cm wide). The 'Tulip' motif echoes the carved wood design on the original cabinet.

Price on application.

Photos by
Ian Camfield /
Keith Nash

Seascape / sunset panel

A recently-built luxury house in Castletownsend was the location for this stained-glass panel. The overall decor was neutral and modern so this panel provided just the splash of colour that was needed.

The panel measures some 1.6m x 35cm, and is a representation of a local seascape, lit from behind by natural daylight.

Price guide - €450 - €550

Geometric door panels

A refurbishment project near Clonakilty needed some subtle-but-bright door panels to set the project off.

Price guide - €700 - 850 the three doors

Deco-style stained-glass doors ....

For Sinead & Connor - designing their new house in West Cork.

The builder had kindly left two doors with 'holes' for decorative glass - so, rather than just stick in a bit of obscured 'bathroom glass', they asked me to design something. As the panels were relatively tall and narrow, a simple abstract design using special 'Baroque' glass and natural polished agate slabs seemed best.
Price-guide - €450 - €550 for the pair.

Client's reaction on seeing the installed panels "I couldn't be happier!"

The "Blackberry" window

Margaret and John have spent some months in a re-build of the family farmhouse - with meticulous attention to detail & design. The feature window at the top of the stairs, previously showed a rather uninteresting view of the cowsheds.

Margaret asked us to design a stained-glass panel that looked 'traditional', without being 'churchy' - and incorporated a blackberry motif - the farmhouse being known locally as 'Blackberry Farm'. The panel, measuring 80cm wide by 125 cm high, made use of three different colours of traditional 'English Muffle' glass, clear bevels, diamond-cut 'glory stars in each corner, random-patterned glue-chip glass and a fused-glass feature panel showing blackberries.

The outline of the leaves was created using a special 'paint' made from finely-ground glass, which was drawn onto the glass before being fired in my kiln. Each of the individual 'mini-berries' was a single tiny square of purple stained-glass, fused up in the kiln to become a flat-bottomed bead shape. These were then arranged on the main sheet of glass, before being fired once again at just the right temperature to 'stick' them to the clear glass, but not so hot that they lost their 'berry' shape.

Price-guide - €550 - €650

Deirdre's Door.

A delightful converted cottage in West Cork was in need of a brighter front door. Deirdre loves deco-style, and bright colours - so we created two stained-glass door-panels in shades of blue and red - and she was very happy with the results!

Guide-price - c. €400 for the two panels
Sibeal's BIG Fastnet Lighthouse window
Sibeal wanted a 'wow' piece to feature in her new bistro in Dingle.
This round window measured nearly 6ft (1.8m) in diameter - and was installed in four custom-made wooden frames. The glass sections in the leaded panels were deliberately large - which allows the patterns and textures in the glass to really shine.

Price guide c. €1400 plus wooden frames
Most of the time we work with our clients to create a design - but, in Mark's case, he arrived with the design already drawn up, full-size! He'd created the design for two leaded panels to compliment the larger square window, which had belonged to his late Mother.
We were pleased to turn his design into stained-glass - and we were all delighted that the new panels matched the original
so well.

Price guide c. €500 the pair
Mark's 'swallow' windows
John's 'castle' panel
Working from John's photograph, we created this panel showing the local castle near Kealkil - which now has pride-of-place in John's bar. The colours in the border were chosen to match the existing stained-glass in the bar door.

Price guide c. €600

Aileen's en-suite Kilcoe Castle panels
When Aileen built her new house, she created two straight-though alcoves between the master bedroom and the en-suite, specifically for a pair of stained-glass panels. Each alcove measures 8" x 24" - the plan was to have a scenic panel on the bedroom side and a sheet of patterned glass on the bathroom side, with hidden LED lighting in-between.
We discussed several possible ideas, before settling on a 'Kilcoe Castle' design, in 'Tiffany'-style stained-glass with painted and fused details. Thanks to local cabinetmaker Ian Camfield ( for making the wooden frames.
What did Aileen think of her new stained-glass panels?
"Very happy, Adrian. They are beautiful"

Price guide c. €450 plus wooden frames
John's 'celtic' panels
Irish ex-pat John always likes to show off his celtic heritage - and so we designed these stained-glass panels to enhance his property in the South of France.

There were three part-circular 'over-window' sections, plus a door panel featuring the Monks' Chapel at Glendalough with a colourful rainbow!

Price guide c. €1800 the four panels including courier shipping to France.

At the Studio we have samples of more than 400 different types and colours of glass - and we can match your windows to your existing colour scheme.

For use with external doors / windows we can supply stand-alone framed panels which can be fitted to the inside of existing windows.

We will use our specialised computer program to design your panels, and show you the effect of different types of glass, colours etc before we agree the final design.
Stained glass & fused glass projects
Fran's 'scenic' door-panels
Looking for a splash of colour in her new home, Fran and Liam gave me photos of some of their favourite scenes and memories - both from Ireland and from their holidays in the Mediterranean.

The pair of door-panels presented a design challenge, as they were 42 inches tall but only 10 inches wide.
Suddenly inspiration struck - and we designed a way of showing three smaller scenes, 'cine-film style', in each panel.

Fran's always had Boxer dogs, and the crowning glory of the 'Irish' panel was a portrait of 'Joxer-the-Boxer', done in glass enamels and copper-foil.

Fran's photos show the door-panels in daylight, and at night-time - she commented "We are blown away with the panels!"

Price-guide - c. €800 for the pair of panels
Panels in daytime
Panels in night-time