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Inspired-glass - repairs and updates

Professional repairs to Tiffany lampshades, Church windows, commercial premises, door & window panels...

It's a sad fact of life that things get broken - and stained-glass is no exception.

However, the good news is that I can repair most types of stained glass, both quickly and inexpensively.

It is very difficult to give hard-and-fast prices without seeing the item in question, as there are many factors involved. If you have something that you'd like me to look at - please contact me, and, if possible, email some photos of the item. I may be able to quote you there & then, or I may ask that you bring the piece to me so I  can see it better  - or, (in the case of an installed window or panel) I may visit the site to see for myself. Some window repairs can be done 'in-situ' without removing the panel - particularly in Churches - but, for more extensive repairs, I usually recommend removing the glass so that it can be worked on in our studio.

I can usually repair 'leaded' stained-glass, and Tiffany-style glass (where the glass is held in place with copper foil that is then soldered together).

There are some cheap 'tiffany-style' lampshades on the market that are made in an unconventional fashion - and are either resin instead of glass, or are glass held in place with resin. Both of these styles are very difficult, if not impossible, to repair - but, once I see it, I can tell you very quickly whether your piece is repairable. If your new 'Tiffany' lampshade came from an online auction site, or a tv shopping channel, then the most cost-effective repair is often to simply buy a replacement shade from the same source.

When making a repair, I will do everything we can to match the original glass, but some older colours (and particularly textures) of glass are simply not made nowadays, so I will work on a 'best match' basis.
Most of the time, our clients can't tell where the repaired sections are!

Updates and remodelling are a special type of repair - perhaps you have a stained-glass panel that doesn't fit your current window-size - I can usually re-size panels, either making them larger or smaller, so you can continue to enjoy them.

Please feel free to contact us with your enquiry - and we will do our very best to help you.
The original broken panel, in-situ in the door
The original broken panel, in-situ in the door
Repairing / rebuilding a leaded-glass door-panel from a local bar
This particular panel was more broken than whole - and, in the end, the only part of the original panel that could be salvaged was the centre 'BAR' section. A paper pattern was created from the original window, and new glass and lead was cut to copy the original panel. Several days of work in this project!

Repairing a "Tiffany" stained-glass lampshade
This 24-inch diameter lampshade, made using the copper-foil 'Tiffany' technique, had suffered an accident at some time in the past, and the brass 'vase cap' on the top of the lamp had become detached from the glass shade. Watch as I repair the lampshade & restore it to its former glory.
About six hours work from start to finish.
Before the repair - washing the shade
Before the repair - washing the shade