Stained glass, fused glass and greetings cards - all handmade in Sunny West Cork, Ireland
Custom-made designs my speciality - repairs are my pleasure!
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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

Shine your light

We all carry within us a tiny spark of spirit light.
It links us to that one light which comes from the great white spirit.

However - even though we all have the same spark to start with - what we do with that light during our time on the earth-plane is what really matters.

Some of us will guard that little spark jealously, hiding it away from the world in case, by showing and sharing it, it might be diminished or even extinguished!
This might be true of things from this world, that they become smaller by being shared - but spirit light is not like that.

We should not be afraid to let our light shine like a beacon. The more we share it - the stronger and brighter it becomes.

When we share our spirit light it kindles new light in those that we share with - and strengthens their light.

Because of this, we should not be fastidious about who we share our light with - we should not just share with those that fit in with our group, those that match up with our ideals, those people that we get along with.