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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

So many questions

You people are full of questions - you are obsessed with asking ‘why’ and ‘how’, and what and when and where…

You can spend your whole life analysing all you want - and still not be any the wiser !

A flower is not more beautiful because you can dissect and name every part that makes it up
A bird in flight is just as graceful even if you do not understand how it can fly
A cobweb sparkling with morning dew is an amazing sight - you don’t need to know how it was created - perhaps it’s magic !

By asking so many questions, you lose sight of the purpose of things.
Indeed - you will soon become frustrated - because there will always be more questions than answers, and some questions simply do not have answers at all.

You should take time out from your endless questioning - and just ‘be’.

Stop for a few moments to watch the gentle beauty of a flower - but don’t count the petals

Watch in awe the healing colours of the rainbow - some of the colours don’t need names

Feel the gentle breeze kiss your face - who knows where it’s come from or where it’s going to….

Please try to be at one with nature - embrace Mother Earth, give her your love and feel the infinite love that she has for you - for she and the Great Spirit were here before you, and will be here after you have passed on.

Just accept that for some questions the only answer is …………‘because’.