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The Great Plan

There are a great many things that are more important than you.
This does not mean that you are not cherished and loved by the Great Spirit - for you are an essential part of the great plan - but you are only a part of it.

Sometimes you may stop & wonder
‘What is the purpose of all of this ? Why am I here ?”

These are good questions - but they are questions that do not have simple answers.

Rather than wasting your time with the what’s and why’s  of your life on this earth-plane - you should use your time more productively - and do your utmost to achieve those little goals that you can see and reach. It is only by doing the small things well, that you can gain the confidence to tackle larger tasks.

There are so many small things that need to be done on a daily basis to advance the great plan. Don’t worry if the big picture isn’t visible to you - just concentrate on the little corner of the canvas that you can see.

The small things will vary from day to day - but here are some suggestions.

Try performing a selfless act - something which benefits others instead of yourself. Nobody else on the earth-plane will know that you’ve done it - but your loved ones in Spirit, and the Great Spirit will see and be pleased.

Try being nice to somebody you don’t like - there’s a reason why they are here, a reason why your path has crossed theirs. To send them bad feelings only increases the amount of bad energy in the world, while sending them your love will help to move the great plan along, and will help your own personal development.

Try to trust & accept - rather than filling your life with endless questions whose answers are so vast that you wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway - even if you were told.

Believe that there is a plan, a great plan, and that we all have our tiny part to play in making it happen. The Great Spirit made the plan and knows the plan and watches on a daily basis as it moves, imperceptibly slowly, towards its fruition.

No harm will come to you as you play your part in that plan for the Great Spirit knows your hopes and fears, your strengths and weaknesses, and thanks you for the good works that you do.

Bless you.