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West Cork Pyramids from Inspired-glass

I’ve been making these little stained-glass pyramids and selling them at markets and craft fairs for quite a while now - but such is their popularity that I’ve not managed to get enough of them together to photograph until recently.
Each hand-made pyramid stands between 8 and 10cm tall, and contains a unique mix of genuine West Cork sea-sand, seashells, tiny gemstones, glass shapes and confetti angels.

Best of all - there’s a legend that goes with them....
The Legend of the West Cork Pyramids (cue drum-roll!)

“It is well-known that trade-routes between the Mediterranean and certain locations in West Cork have existed for many thousands of years - and recent archaeological studies have shown evidence of early long-distance trading in caves on Mount Gabriel. What is less well known, is that wise people from West Cork had a hand in the design of the Egyptian pyramids.

Way back around 2600 BC, Pharaoh decided that pyramids were the way to go.

He summoned his Chief Architect, Imhotep, and demanded that suitable designs be drawn up. As these were the first pyramids ever constructed, it follows that Imhotep was starting from a blank sheet of papyrus. He explained his problem to Pharaoh, “We’ve never built such a thing before - and wouldn’t know how to start”. Pharaoh told him to sail to Schull, and consult the legendary wise man who lived in a cave on top of Mount Gabriel.
And that, my friends is why our little stained-glass pyramids are the correct size (only ten centimeters tall), while the ones that they built in Egypt ended up being so enormous, and took so many years and thousands of Nubian slaves to complete.

(And to the lovely, trusting folk who listen to this story at the Markets and Craft Shows of West Cork, and then turn to me, wide-eyed, saying ‘Gee - is that true...?’ - I can only say ‘Would I lie to you ?’)

Now you can purchase your very own, hand-crafted, authentic, right-sized, West Cork Pyramid - for the very reasonable price of only  €25 including p&p.
If you have particular requirements for the contents and/or colours then please ask.
All pyramids contain a spoonful of West Cork sea-sand, but can also contain your choice of seashells, confetti angels, glass shapes (fish, stars, moons, pebbles, hearts etc) and tiny polished gemstones (hematite, carnelian, tiger eye, rose quartz, blue lace agate, sodalite, amethyst)

To Order your own personal West Cork Pyramid - please contact us!
(Now every set of plans you’ve ever seen has a little box in the bottom right-hand corner, that gives the scale of the plans. Remember that - it becomes important later on....) Imhotep lost no time in scampering back down the sides of Mount Gabriel, and setting sail on the return leg of his journey. Unfortunately, half-way across the Bay of Biscay, a hurricane blew up, and an amount of seawater came over the side of the boat. Only the Egyptians’ expert seamanship, and a lot of frantic baling, saved the ship from sinking. Unfortunately some of the seawater found its way onto the vellum plans, and the section showing the scale became illegible.

Some months time later, Imhotep’s ship drew up in Egypt, where Pharaoh was standing waiting on the shore. Clearing his throat nervously, Imhotep bowed low to the ground, and greeted his ruler.
Realising that disappointing the Pharaoh could be bad for his career, Imhotep set sail - and, some three months later, arrived in West Cork. Dropping anchor in what is nowadays known as Schull Harbour, he set off to climb Mount Gabriel. Almost at the top of the mountain, he found the wise man, in long white robes with an equally long white beard, and with a wild glint in his eye.

After the customary exchange of gifts, polished beads and strong liquor, Imhotep explained his quest - and, to his surprise, the wise man disappeared into the cave, coming back a few minutes later with a rolled-up vellum scroll - which he handed to the startled architect, saying “Pyramid plans - there you go, so!”
“Oh mighty Pharaoh, we have travelled far and wide on your quest, and we have  Good News and some Bad News.....”

“Fair enough,” said Pharaoh. “Let’s have the Good News first”

“Oh mighty Pharaoh, we
have the plans for the Pyramids......”

Pharaoh, puzzled.... “So what’s the Bad News ?”

Imhotep, holding up the water-stained and partly illegible plans.....
Trouble is - I can't remember just how BIG they said we had to make them...!