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Inspired-glass - Inspired-writing

You canít take it with you

They say you canít take it with you
But why would you want to ?

When you return to spirit - you will realise that all the worldly riches that you had tried so hard to accumulate while on the earth-plane are but simple trinkets - and have no real value.

The true riches as those things that canít be counted in pounds and pence, canít be weighed, canít be listed on an accounts sheet.

These things are yours to keep - you will have worked hard to earn them during your time on the earthplane - and you can take them with you when you return to spirit.

A clear and true heart - not weighed down by negative emotions and hatred

A true and caring mind - able to see and respect the other personís point of view, even if it is in complete opposition to your own

A caring and pure spirit - that has learnt from those lessons that can only be learned on the earth plane.

So - when it is your time to return to your home in spirit - itís true that you cannot take with you that new car, your big house, your widescreen tv set - but the spiritual riches that you can and will take with you will make these material things seem tiny and insignificant by comparison..