Stained-glass 'Celtic-cross' panel - one only!


A beautiful and unique stained-glass panel, hand-made by the copper-foil 'Tiffany' technique, featuring clear glass bevels in the form of a Celtic Cross, surrounded by a rich dark blue textured glass.

Designed to be hung in a sunny window - where the bevelled glass will really sparkle, this panel measures 10" wide by 12" high (25 x 30cm) and is supplied with a black satin hanging-cord.

When hanging this panel, please do not use any form of hanging strip of plastic 'sucker' - as they are not reliable. Instead, use hooks or nails, securely-fitted into the window-frame.

A major part of my work is creating and repairing custom-designed stained-glass panels for windows, doors, cupboard doors etc. - see our Gallery for more information or contact us.