The Inspired-glass Gallery
- Recent work

Here are some of our more recent projects..... if you’d like to talk to us about creating a beautiful piece of stained-glass, either for yourself or as a great gift - please contact us.

I can design door / window panels in stained glass to suit your colour scheme, location and fancy.
Prices vary between €140 and €220 per square foot - so a typical set of two 3ft x 10 inch door-panels would be from €900+, and actual price will depend very much on the complexity of your design and the type of glass you want to use. We will discuss the costs during the design process, and I will give you a fixed quotation before proceeding with the construction of the piece.   I will use my specialised computer program to design your panels, and show you the effect of different types of glass, colours, etc. before we agree the final design and price.

At my Studio I have samples of more than 400 different types and colours of glass - I'd always recommend that you visit the Studio so we can discuss the design and the various possibilities/options.

For use with external doors / windows I can supply stand-alone framed panels which can be fitted to the inside of existing windows, to avoid disturbing your existing glazing.
I can also make (and repair) lamps and lampshades in stained-glass!

Typical project stages
- Initial enquiry, client provides measurements/templates, and general design brief, plus design fee (usually €150)
- I draft an initial design, and, with the client (often by email), we work this into a agreed design, which we then colour in and agree, along with a firm quotation
- Client pays deposit (50% of project cost)
- I cut the glass, assemble the panels, and finish them - ready for installation
- Client pays the balance of the project cost
- Panels are collected/shipped and installed (I don't generally do the installation, but do provide full instructions for your carpenter)

Lead-times vary depending on how much work I have on at a particular time - but, generally, it can take around ten weeks from agreeing a final design to completing the panels.
Please contact me for more information