Stained-glass and fused-glass gifts from Inspired-glass

This page will give you an idea of the range of 'gift' items we design and produce.
Items from our ‘standard’ range can be purchased from the web store (and from our stockists) - and we welcome your enquires about ‘bespoke’ items. Everything here is hand-made by us - unlike some so-called ‘Irish craft shops’ we don’t sell cheap, imported stained glass or mass-produced ‘handmade’ cards. So there ! <grin>

For examples of my bespoke (made-to-order) stained-glass windows, doors, panels, and lampshades - please take a look at our gallery - which is updated regularly.

There's more!

While angels and chakra suncatchers are probably the most popular of my 'gift' designs - my store features an ever-expanding selection of other suncatchers, including robins, fuchsias, hearts and much more.

Just at the moment, I don't have online listings of our fused-glass dichroic jewellery - mainly because every single piece is different, the dichroic glass is incredibly difficult to photograph, and the jewellery tends to sell as fast as we make it. In the coming months we hope to get better at photography, and set aside a range of jewellery that can be listed in our store... until then your best bet is to visit one of our stockists and see our incredible jewellery for yourself.