Welcome to Inspired-glass and Chris's Cards!

If you are reading this, you probably clicked on a QR code on our display at the Mizen Visitor Centre or the Skibbereen Heritage Centre - both in West Cork.
If you are here on holiday, we hope you are enjoying your visit to this magical corner of Ireland.

You're looking at our fused-glass / stained-glass and handmade greetings cards - which we (Adrian & Chris) hand-craft from our home near Ballydehob in Sunny West Cork.

Everything we make is a one-off - the cards and glass are truly unique - and you will never find two of our items exactly the same. The sparkly glass is called 'dichroic' glass, and it contains no colours or pigments as the colour is the result of light passing through many microscopically-thin layers of quartx and metal oxides, deposited on the glass. When this glass is fired in our kiln, it undergoes a subtle colour-shift - so even we don't know how a particular piece will turn out.

The glass pieces are mounted on silver (ear-studs and earwires), silver-plate (pendants and rings) and silver-plate or rhodium plate (for brooches).

Chris's quirky handmade cards are equally unique - she refuses to mass-produce cards - so each card is a little handmade work of art. People have been known to frame them!

So - if you are visiting, we hope your enjoy your stay in West Cork - and if you would like more information on what we do (which includes fused-glass jewellery and suncatchers, new commissioned stained-glass and repairs to all types of stained-glass, plus hand-made greetings cards) please don't hesitate to contact us.

Adrian & Chris - Inspired-glass and Chris's Cards